OHBM Sustainability and Environment Action (SEA) SIG

The Sustainability and Environment Action (SEA) SIG was set up to tackle sustainability and environmental issues around brain imaging. Awareness of the environmental impacts of human activities has never been higher, and there is now strong international consensus that we urgently need rapid action to tackle dangerous climate change and irreversible ecosystem degradation. Neuroimaging research activities play a part in these crises, from liquid helium extracted through fossil fuel production, to the energy usage of big data analysis.

The SEA-SIG works to educate our community on the environmental impacts of neuroimaging research activities, and how we could change these. The Annual Meeting also has a substantial environmental impact, with the huge carbon footprint of flying, and conference centre practises such as single-use plastics. The SEA-SIG therefore also seeks to collaborate with colleagues across OHBM to facilitate decarbonisation of the Annual Meeting.

Twitter: @OhbmEnvironment
Email: ohbm.sea.sig@gmail.com

OHBM Sustainability and Environment Action (SEA) SIG Officers

Charlotte Rae - Chair
University of Sussex

Niall Duncan - Secretary
Taipei Medical University

Marie-Eve Hoeppli - Treasurer
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Valentina Borghesani - Brain-Art SIG Liaison
Universite de Montreal

Elvisha Dhamala - Student and Postdoc SIG Liaison and Social Coordinator
Weill Cornell Medicine Cornell University

Michelle Veldsman - Technology Task Force Liaison
University of Oxford